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Chicago Lipo Center: A Brief Overview of WaterLipo®

WaterLipo is a revolutionary liposuction technique that involves the use of a gentle water stream in order to dislocate the fat deposits, and then to slowly remove them from your body. What makes WaterLipo so popular is that it is a state of the art, minimally invasive liposuction procedure with effective and permanent results. As you may already know, the textbook definition of a liposuction involves the insertion of a cannula under the skin, brutally dislodging the fat from your skin tissues and then sucking it out.  The side effects of the traditional liposuction often involve heavy bruising and significant bleeding.

Unlike traditional liposuction, WaterLipo is considerably safer and it only requires local anesthesia. The downtime is minimal and in spite of the fact that the water lipo has only been around for a few years, it has become extremely popular due to its numerous benefits.

How Can It Help You Achieve The Body Contour You Have Always Wanted?

Sometimes, no matter how much we diet and exercise, we simply cannot lose fat in certain parts of the body. In that case, the WaterLipo is the ultimate solution to your problem, and the mechanism of action is very simple: as mentioned above, this is a minimally invasive procedure which means that it only involves a few very small incisions around the targeted area. After previously numbing the area in order to prevent pain and physical discomfort, the doctor will use a very thin cannula that sprays out a gentle stream of water in order to dislocate the fat deposits and to make them easier to remove. The cannula also has a small vacuum that will simply suck out the fat while being dislodged at the same time.

The results are smooth and noticeable right after the procedure, there are no stitches involved, there is no bruising, bleeding and swelling and the recovery is remarkably fast. WaterLipo is designed for all those who want to redefine or to contour their body, mainly those who have the bothersome saddlebags or love handles, or who feel that a certain part of their body is disproportionate as opposed to their body overall. The procedure is designed both for men and for women, and it can eliminate the unaesthetic bulges within minutes.

Why Is WaterLipo Better Than Smart Lipo Or Laser Lipo?

SmartLipo or Laser liposuction is yet another popular liposuction technique, and it involves the use of different types of lasers. Nonetheless, the difference between these two distinct types of liposuction is that while the laser lipo or SmartLipo was designed for small amounts of fat (typically those around the face and the neckline), the water liposuction was designed for removing larger amounts of fat in a timely, safe and effective manner. The latter simply washes away the extra fat.

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